Eco-presentation by Sunday School & Young People’s Independent Group

Sunday School & Young People gave an Eco-presentation on the occasion of the farewell service to Archdeacon of Croydon, Chris Skilton, on 19 January.

After the presentation Archdeacon Chris reminded us that God gave us an unpolluted Creation, the Garden of Eden.  We need to look after the Creation God gave us.
And Kathryn Prentice, Sunday School Leader writes:

On Sunday 19th January, the Sunday School led a sermon on saving God’s Creation, the Earth. This Lent we are asking everyone to work together to care for God’s creation and make a commitment to tackle climate change

Some examples of the things you can do this Lent are:

  1. Give up using single-use plastics e.g. plastic beverage bottles, plastic bottle caps, food wrappers, plastic grocery bags, plastic lids, straws and stirrers, and foam take-away containers.
  2. Use alternative forms of transport  
  3. Commit to buying no new clothes from unsustainable sources…Sustainable materials areLinen made from flax; Hemp, another crop; Bamboo; Lyocel; Alpaca; Organic Wool; Silk.
  4. Try going meat free or reduce the amount of meat you eat:  Try Lentil Soup, Crispy Baked Falafel, Vegetarian Tacos,  Peanut Slaw with Noodles, Vegetable Paella, Vegetable Lasagna.
  5. Use less electricity.  
  6. Reduce your waste and recycle more.   
  7. Join the Extinction Rebellion Campaign.

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