7th Sunday of Easter – 8 May 2016

Topical sermon in the service today – A Tale of Two Cities. Not London and Paris as in the Charles Dickens book of the same name but Leicester and London this time. “Outsiders” prevailed in both these cities against the odds in the last week, with Leicester City Football club winning the Premier League and Sadiq Khan becoming London Mayor. Very heartwarming indeed.

Please join us next Sunday for Pentecost. And, if you could wear something red and bring an exotic fruit for refreshments afterwards, that would be great.

organ chamber

Work continues on clearing behind the church and side of the old organ chamber – beginning to get a glimpse!

road sign

This is a road sign for Holy Saviour Church – have you spotted it on London Road?


  1. Christine says

    Holy Saviour Church sign posted! Awesome!! Will look out for the sign.

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